Moral Aspects . ITF – Taekwon-Do in our Western Society

What is the cement that links the concepts ’morality’, ’martial art’ and ’Western
society’ together? It tells something about ’me’, of course. I have always wondered
about life, why it is so difficult, thinking about everything I was doing and why I was
doing those things. I always thought there must be a way of living in which things
weren’t so complicated as they are. I did, and I still do, a lot of things in my working –
and spare time to explore life: theatre, philosophy, psychiatry, travelling around the
world, reading, cooking, studying languages, running, watching films and, of course
practising Taekwon-Do. But life stays complicated, the world isn’t as nice as we’d like
it to be, and a lot of people live in miserable circumstances.

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